Clarence Clemons Documentary Out This Summer


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(AP Photo/Rhona Wise)

Rolling Stone reports that Clarence Clemons, saxophonist for Bruce Springsteen and part of the E Street Band, is the subject of a documentary by longtime friend and filmmaker Nick Mead. The film, called Clarence Clemons: Who Do I Think I Am?, focuses on the career of the sax player and a 2003 trip to northeast China that had a "profound effect" on the musician. The documentary contains interviews by Bill Clinton, Jake Clemons--his nephew and E Street Band musician--and others. "Clarence was a real Big Man," says producer and Virgil Films head Joe Amodei. "His spirituality transcended every interview we conducted." Clemons died in 2011. The documentary is set to release digitally on August 17, but can be seen in select theaters in July.