Metallica's Lars Ulrich: 'I've Got Nothing Left to Prove'


Photo by Greg Allen/Invision/AP


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has taken some heat over the years for his drumming technique, which some critics say isn't the best. Ulrich also ticked off fans when he narced on them for illegally downloading music via Napster. Then there's his behavior in Metallica's documentary Some Kind of Monster. Metallica's drummer admits that he used to drive himself crazy reading every single article and critique written about the band or him, saying: “20 years ago, it would've been, 'Oh, my God, somebody said something bad,' or, 'That person said a nasty comment in the comments section,' or whatever." Now that Ulrich is older and obviously isn't leaving Metallica any time soon, his attitude about all of that criticism has changed. Ulrich revealed "Now, none of that really means anything to me … It's all good. I've got nothing left to prove, so it just doesn't register anymore."