Sammy Hagar Clarifies if He'd Really "Get Sick & Die" for the Sake of Restarting Live Music


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Photo by Juan Rico/Invision/AP


Sammy Hagar has clarified the now-viral comments he made to Rolling Stone in which he said he'd sacrifice his health and life to play shows again if it meant getting the economy restarted. In a post on his website, Hagar noted he did the interview on May 8, "when we were already several weeks into the stay-at-home, which my family and I took very seriously, and things were starting to look up, the curve was beginning flattening." He reiterated that "it’s about getting back to work in a safe and responsible way and getting this economy rolling again," and stressed that he's all in for helping since he employs 200 people, and more while touring. However, he also stressed that things might change depending on how the coronavirus proceeds. "Like everything today, it’s a watch and see over the next few months," he explained, "but we remain cautiously optimistic that with the right improvements and safety measures in place, we might be able to play shows this year. That said, as things change, for the better or worse, we will appropriately adjust our plans." Hagar was quoted in a Rolling Stone story this week that he'd be "comfortable playing a show before there’s a vaccine" if the coronavirus is "declining and seems to be going away," and drew ire by adding, "This is hard to say without stirring somebody up, but truthfully, I’d rather personally get sick and even die, if that’s what it takes."