The Who Release New Song "I Don't Want To Get Wise"


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Photo by Robb Cohen/Invision/AP, File

The Who have released a new single, "I Don't Want to Get Wise," from their forthcoming Who album, Ultimate Classic Rock reports. The song is the third single from the album, following "All This Music Must Fade" and "Ball and Chain." Townsend also released some new info about four bonus tracks from the upcoming LP's Deluxe Edition. "This Gun Will Misfire" and "Danny & His Ponies" were written and recorded specifically for Who. "Got Nothing to Prove" and "Sand" are demos from the mid-'60s that they finally completed. "Both these songs are from the summer of 1966," Pete Townshend said in a statement. "They would not have been rejected by the band members but rather by my then-creative mentor, Who manager Kit Lambert." The new album Who is set for release on December 6.