The Who's Pete Townshend Clarifies Comments About Deceased Bandmates


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Photo by Arthur Mola/Invision/AP

The Who's Pete Townshend raised some eyebrows thanks to a new Rolling Stone profile in which he said “thank God" his late bandmates Keith Moon and John Entwistle are "gone," because they were “f**king difficult to play with.” However, the rock legend took to Facebook on Wednesday to clarify his comments, noting, “I do thank God for this, but I was being ironic in my own English way by suggesting it is something I am glad about. I can be grateful to be free as a player and writer, but sad about losing old friends. It does feel ironic, and it also makes me angry." Townshend also apologized to Moon and Entwistle's families, and added, "The upside with Keith and John was that on tour and in the studio, we had so much fun," he noted. "Playing with them was hard, but both Roger and I spent a lot of time doubled up in joy and laughter, even though we could have benefited from a quieter life sometimes. It was a riot.”