Lenny Kravitz Turned to Johnny Cash After Mother's Death


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Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash were the first two people to see Lenny Kravitz after he learned of his mother's death, according to 
The Tennessean. They were all in producer Rick Rubin's home; Kravitz was staying with him at the time and Cash was working on an album with Rubin. The couple descended the staircase just as Kravitz learned over the phone that his mother had passed away. According to Kravitz, the two of them surrounded and held him. "They said the most beautiful things and were just really supportive," he says. "These were two human beings that were sensitive to what I was going through, and really helped me in that moment. What a surreal thing." Kravitz has since written the song "Johnny Cash" about needing that kind of support after a romantic breakup.