Rolling Stones Debut "Scarlet" Video Featuring "Normal People" Star Paul Mescal


AP Photo


On Thursday, The Rolling Stones dropped a music video for their previously unreleased Jimmy Page collaboration, "Scarlet," starring Emmy-nominated Normal People actor Paul Mescal. As USA Today notes, the video was filmed during a socially distanced shoot at a hotel in London, with Mescal recording a personal video for a woman named Scarlet. Before the bluesy rock tune gets underway, he says into the camera, "I'm a little bit drunk. I'm very sorry. I love you." He proceeds to dance around a messy hotel room in a tight white tank and black pants, swigging drinks, crying, rolling around on the bed and floor, and stumbling around as he mouths along to the song. He then runs down the hallway of the empty hotel, leaping down stairs and twirling around a vacant dining room.