Tom Petty's Wife & Daughters Agree to Stop Fighting Over His Estate


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Photo by AP Photo/Jason DeCrow

In a move that seems appropriate for the holiday season, Tom's wife and adult daughters have, “resolved their differences and dismissed all litigation matters that had been filed related to Tom’s estate.” Pitchfork reports that Petty's daughters, Annakim and Adria, sued his wife Dana Petty earlier this year, asking for $5 million dollars because they felt their decisions weren't being respected. However, in a new press release on Wednesday, the trio say each of them, “sincerely regrets that in their intense grief over Tom’s tragic death, actions were taken that were hurtful to one another." To that end, they have created Tom Petty, LLC to manage the different parts of Petty's estate. They will each have equal footing in the company. “We are committed to honoring Tom’s voice, music, integrity and his charitable spirit,” they say.