Donate to Cottage Children’s Hospital this Mother’s Day

  • Why donate to Cottage Children’s Hospital this Mother’s Day?

    In 2012, more than $557,000 was raised for Cottage Children’s Hospital.

    You can’t predict when a child you love will become ill or get hurt. We have the best care available right here in Santa Barbara to help kids get the specialized care they need. This means families won’t have to drive all the way to Los Angeles to get this specialzed care. Think about a child you love, and how you would feel if they were seriously ill or injured. You would want them close to home knowing they had the best care available to them, without having to go to Los Angeles or Bay Area.

    We don’t just help the patients, we help families too by supporting them. 

    Fortunately most of the babies born at Cottage are healthy, but every year Cottage Children’s Hospital cares for more than 1,000 infants, children and teens who are facing life-threatening illnesses or injuries.

    Providing this specialized care is expensive, and no child is ever turned away. Cottage Children’s Hospital provides more than $10 million in care annually to those who are uninsured or underinsured. We can only do this with the community’s support.


    How Can you donate to Cottage Children’s Hospital this Mother’s Day?


    • Was your child born at Cottage? Go to the Cottage Children’s Hospital Facebook page and share a post or photo about your baby’s first days.  

    • Make a donation in honor of your mom or your child. Easy to do online at

    • Planning to shop at Costco, Rite Aid or Walmart this week end? Please add a $1  Miracle Balloon to your purchase in honor of your mom or your kids.

    • Stop by at Blenders in the Grass and add a $1 Miracle Balloon to your smoothie order, in honor of your mom, or your kids.